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At zdesk, we deliver exceptional service capabilities.
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IT Support

Ad-Hoc 24×7 IT Support for all first level issues. 95% issues fixed within one hour

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PC Tune Up

Sign up for our monthly pack and have our technicians service your PC monthly and keep it running smoothly

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Corporate Solutions

Have our team act as your very own cost effective service desk. Hire a small team to manage the PC’s in your offices

At zdesk, we deliver exceptional IT Services, with most calls resolved within 1 hour


We support individuals and businesses around the globe
About us in a nuthshell

At zdesk we provide 24x7 ad-hoc IT support all over the world.

Our easy 1-2-3 process can have most issues resolved within an hour.

  • 1. Create a ticket
  • 2. Our Administrator will contact you to assign a tech support agent
  • 3. Tech support will remote to your PC and resolve the issue

It’s that simple.

Our skilled professional teams have the skills with a wealth of experience.

Our customer-centric approach comes from understanding that our clients need more than technology professionals.

We have the ability to supply individual or teams of IT Professionals; and our Customer Support Centres have the ability to support hundreds of calls daily, which can be easily scaled up if need be.


AD-Hoc Support
Per Hour
9am-5pm AEST
All First Level Support
One time quick fix
No contracts
No fix – No fee
No fine print or hidden fees
Per 5 Hours
9am - 5pm AEST
Call and save time
Share between users
Bundle up multiple tasks
Ideal for small offices
No fine print or hidden fees
AD-Hoc After Hours
Per Hour
5pm-9am AEST
For those who need support after hours
You’re supported anywhere, anytime
No fine print or hidden fees
AD-Hoc-Support Business
Per 20 Hour
Heavy user 24x7
Call anytime 24x7
Share between users
Bundle up multiple tasks
Ideal for small teams
No fine print or hidden fees
Full transparency of billing
Monthly Maintenance
Per Month
Keep your PC running smooth
General maintenance
Back up your data/mail file
Organize your installation disks
Run antivirus and spyware scans
Clean up your software
Clean up your Operating Software
Install updates
Defragment drives

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General FAQ

Do I need to register an account to use zdesk?

Not at all. You can use zdesk for full 24×7 support; there are no accounts, no contracts. However if you prefer to setup an account it will be faster to provide you ongoing support time and time again.

What is the level of support that zdesk provides?

zdesk is a first level support desk which can fix 90% of problems within the first hour.

Some issues may take longer or we simply may not be able to resolve at all; these instances are usually hardware issues which would require 2nd level support. If 2nd level support is required we can arrange that for you, depending on your location.

What can zdesk help with?

  • PC/Mac Operating software
  • Office 365
  • Email
  • Browser issues
  • Antivirus
  • Technologies
  • Printer connectivity
  • Standard software and applications
  • Some proprietary software and applications
  • And more

Does zdesk support all types of devices?

Just about, we support:

  • PC and Mac
  • Laptop and desktop
  • Mobile Phones – Android or iPhone
  • Tablets

How do I contact zdesk for support?

Simply go to the home page of our website and click on “Log Ticket”.
Once the ticket is logged our team will start working with you to resolve it ASAP.

Are there any concerns about connecting remotely to my PC?

You have nothing to worry about, we are professionals. You remain in complete control of the remote session and can close at anytime if you choose. You can chat via the chat window to ask the technician any questions.

We have 5 staff in the office and they all need support, can zdesk help?

Of course, we have plans for individuals and groups. If needed we can assign multiple technicians for larger projects.

What are the benefits of the monthly maintenance service?

just like a mechanic services your car, this service is designed as a proactive measure. Quite often people run their PC’s into the ground till they crash, often resulting in higher costs or reason to buy a new one. With our maintenance we will keep your PC running smoother longer.

How do I pay for your service?

Once you log your ticket our Admin will be in touch to accept your payment via our website or over the phone; and will assign the task immediately to our 24×7 technical team.

What if zdesk can’t resolve my issue?

In this rare case if we can’t resolve it then we will refund your payment.

How will you prioritise my job?

We have a team of professionals on standby and waiting for the next ticket to come through. Otherwise if it is urgent, simply let us know when logging your ticket and we will help manage it for you.